above: Gertie the Dinosaur (Winsor McCay, 1914)
Icon: Early Bugs Bunny model drawn by Robert Givens
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Check out the references to other Studio Ghibli films during this sequence in Pom Poko. This scene actually happens really fast. The only reference I noticed initially was Totoro, but after going through the scene again, I noticed the other two.

  • In the first gif, you see Kiki fly by, from Kiki’s Delivery Service.
  • In the second gif, you see Porco fly by, from Porco Rosso.
  • And in the third gif, you see the loveable Totoro fly by, from My Neighbor Totoro.

Doubt this will save your life, but it’s a fun little thing to catch, whenever you watch Pom Poko, which you should, because it’s fun and awesome. ^_^